Know About PCD Pharma Franchise Company

PCD Pharma Franchise Company

All you need to know about PCD Pharma Franchise Company

The pharma industry has tremendous growth potential. Increasing awareness among people about health and wellness has increased the necessity of medicines. There is never-ending demand for medicines and the branded companies are in continuous search of potential partners who can contribute to promote and distribute the products in the region. Even demonetization could not affect the industry and the pharma market is expected to grow to USD 55 Billion by 2020. Uniquely formulated products with proven efficacy have high market requirements.

PCD Pharma

A PCD pharma stands for Propaganda-Cum-Distribution, the unit will be responsible for marketing and distribution. The company gives its franchise partner rights in the defined territory to market and distribute the brands, and support franchise partners in all marketing matters.

PCD Pharma Franchiser

The parent company puts trust in the PCD pharma franchise company to promote their product in the market. The PCD Company not only sells its products but is also the representative of the company in the region. The feedback provided by the healthcare professionals or medical reps is taken-up with utmost priority. Being a PCD pharma Franchise Company allows for easy penetrations as you have an already recognized brand in the market. A well-formulated formula that is aesthetically packed is all the franchiser needs.

Who can be PCD Pharma Franchiser

Any company can take the PCD pharma franchise provided it has good contact with the doctors and or medical representatives in the region. A pharmacy chain or hospital pharmacy can also take-up the PCD pharma franchise. A wholesaler would allow a better exposure to the range as it will have several retailers under it. The marketing support, promotional materials provided, etc are important tools for a PCD pharma franchise that Curivo Healthcare provides to all of its partners. It does not require a huge amount for investments, so people who are in the field and understand the pharma business well, can take-up the projects. The returns will soon start to generate. The main responsibilities of a PCD pharma franchise company would be

  1. -Investment &
  2. -Maintenance of the marketing team

When we start a business, it is quite important to know the expected profit margins. Several factors define profitability such as the commission of stockiest, doctor, free of cost goods, etc. One should also consider the cost of marketing while calculating the overall profits.


Curivo healthcare makes sure that the genuine requirements of supply are met in time and the partner marketing team is equipped with the unique selling points of the products, promotional items, and gifts. The parent company trains all of the team of PCD Franchise Company to help them understand the organization, the brand that they are going to promote and how the brand is unique. The direct approach with the marketing team boosts their confidence to promote and sell the products. The key to the success of the product is its promotion and awareness among people. Curivo Healthcare with its innovative product range and unique formulas will help you build a strong clientele.

The parent company i.e. Curivo healthcare defines the territory and the rights allocated to the franchisers. Both the parent company and the franchiser are bound by the agreement and no deviations are allowed unless agreed in writing by both the parties.

All you need to know about PCD Pharma Franchise Company is the complete details of the organization, market reputation and a valid license to procure, store and distribute the medicines. If you are looking for a PCD pharma franchise do contact Curivo Healthcare with the complete details of the organization and a valid license to procure, store and distribute the medicines.