Pharma Franchise

Pharma Franchise

Six things every Pharma Franchise Professional should know

India is the largest provider of pharmaceutical drugs. Indian pharma industry supplies 50% demand worldwide. Pharmaceutical industry is one of the rapidly growing with consumer, health and hygiene awareness. Pharma franchise is one of the largest growing segments in India. Pharmaceutical business includes Manufacturers, Ethical Marketer, PCD Pharma Franchise Providers, Stockist, CnF, Distributor, Pharmacy etc. Following are the 6 important steps that every Pharma Professional should know:

1.Documents Pharmaceutical Company would require for Pharma Franchise

  • Company Registration
  • Goods and Services Tax Identification number
  • Drug Licence number: For manufacturing, Manufacturing Drug License and for Wholesale, Wholesale Drug Licence
  • FSSAI (If dealing in food supplements)
  • Trademark not compulsory but a necessity

2.For Company Registration and GST

You may consult your Charter Accountant regarding company registration process.Its a very easy process provided documentation are complete.

3.How to get the Drug Licence for Pharma Franchise?

It is issued by the Drug Control Authority. Every Licence has a unique number called Drug Licence number which is required if you conduct any task such as selling, purchasing, manufacturing, distributing of drugs etc.

4.Registration of the Brand For Pharma Franchise

Like any other business it is good to first register the brand name in and do the marketing.

5.How much profit in Pharma Franchise?

Depending upon the company you choose the product and area keeping in mind various other factors,profit can range between 8% to 50%.

6.Understanding Price To Retailer (PTR) AND Price To Stockist (PTS)

PTR-Refers to the price of a product offered to a Retailer PTS-Refers to the price of a particular product offered to a Stockist or a Distributor PTR=(MRP-Stockist Margin)/(100+GST)*100 PTS=PTR-Stockist Margin

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