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Healthbox L-Glutamine

Healthbox GlutaminePCD Pharma Franchise
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General Health, Others
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1349.00 ₹ 1499.00 ₹
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Container packing

MRP:Rs.1499/-per container

Discount Price :Rs.1349/-per container

Pack size:-250 gm

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1)Glutamine 250gm of unadulterated glutamine in each serving. It gets absorbed quickly in the body and prevents breakdown of muscles and is an active partner in lean muscle gains. 2) It helps in your post workout recovery that has a positive effect on your athletic performance. 3) Glutamine 250gm aids in the synthesis of proteins. Intake of this supplement can help you exercise for long without breaking your muscle tissues. 4) Its high ingredients help in the maintenance of your body’s metabolic processes and improve your strenuous workout performance
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  • Pack Size : 250gm