Itraconazole capsulePCD Pharma Franchise


Itraconazole capsulePCD Pharma Franchise
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Therapies :
General Health
Description :
  • Composition :- Itraconazole 200 mg
  • Price :- 230/- Per Strip
  • Pack size:- 10X1X4 Blister 
  • shelf life :- 24 months 
Usage :
1) Itraconazole is used in the treatment of fungal infections. It is used to treat fungal infections of the mouth or vagina (thrush), skin and other parts of the body such as finger and toenails.
2)   It kills and stops the growth of the fungi by destroying its cell membrane, thereby treating your skin infection.
Other Details
  • Pack Size : 10X1X4
  • Composition :

    Itraconazole  200 mg