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Healthbox super mass gainer

Mass Gainer, Weight GainerPCD Pharma Franchise
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HB/Supermass Gainer/026
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Therapies :
General Health
Price :
3499.00 ₹ 3499.00 ₹
Description :
  • Healthbox¬† Mass Gainer 3kg / 6.6 lb Chocolate Flavour Contains Large Amount of Calories with 406 Kcal,12g of Protein and 68 g of Carbohydrates which helps to promote healthy weight gain in men and women
  • Mass Gainer to Help for Increase Lean Muscle , Increases Strengh and Speedy Recovery¬†
  • Healthbox Mass Gainer 3 Kg /6.6 is suitable for consumption by adults including men, women, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts
Usage :
Instruction For Use:- Mix 2 Scoops (100g) With 300 ml of Cold Water.If you wish to increase Calories a Bit More Then Use 300 ml Skimmed Milk Instead of Water
Other Details
  • Pack Size : 3kg / 6.6 lb