-0% Touch Free Hand Sanitizing dispenserPCD Pharma Franchise

Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Movable

Touch Free Hand Sanitizing dispenserPCD Pharma Franchise
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CH/Hand Sanitizing Stand/06
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General Health
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2620.00 ₹ 2620.00 ₹
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For Bulk quatities Only

Usage :
1) Mavels Touch Free Hand sanitizer Dispenser is specially designed to minimize and reduce the spread of infection and bacteria.
2) The sensor based sanitizer is portable and can easily be moved from one place to other.
3)Hand Sanitizers are designed to kill germs present on our hands with the use of alcohol. Using a hand sanitizer provides that much extra comfort and peace of mind to everyone.
4) Mavels Touch free Hand Sanitizing Dispensing Stand is perfect for use in any common area such as schools, cafeterias, banks, pharmacies, hospitals, restaurants, ATMs, Home, Societies etc.
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