Aloe Vera 50MG" />
Aloe Vera CapsulePCD Pharma Franchise

Aloe Vera Capsule

Aloe Vera CapsulePCD Pharma Franchise
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Therapies :
General Health
Description :
  • Composition: Aloe Vera 50MG
  • MRP:-370/-Per Bottle
  • Packaging Size:-1X60 Bottle
  • Shelf Life:-18 Months
Usage :
1. Aleo vera helps in reduce constipation.
2. Aleo vera helps in improve skin and prevent wrinkles and improve hair growth.
3. Aleo vera has antioxidant and antibacterial properties.
4. Aleo vera accelerate wound healing and reduce dental plaque.
Other Details
  • Pack Size : 1X60
  • Composition :

    Aloe Vera 50MG