SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing has been used from long time. It is as effective today as it used to be. SMS provide long lasting and potential effect at receiver’s mind set. Studies show that reading impact more than as compare to listening. Listening could be easily forgotten but reading can’t be forgotten easily. If you send SMS or text to any person, he/she remember it more as compare to your call.


Over the past few years, Curivo Healthcare has been at the forefront of business mobile messaging. Our in-house technical team like nothing better than to innovate and build tools optimized for delivery on mobile phones that meet real business needs. We deal with businesses every day so we know the challenges our PCD clients faces.


Only premium PCD Franchise customers can avail this facility. PCD Pharma Franchise customers generating good volume of business through ethical means are contacted by company personal once their credit score reaches a certain level.


  • Firstly PCD Client need to get contact details of all possible clients in his area (No need to share with us).
  • Our technical team will provide you with Introductory SMS Matter.
  • Once introduction is done product wise details are sent through SMS for forwarding purpose.
  • Reminder SMS with certain time duration are provided to PCD Clients.
  • Offers, Festival deals and Gift Items are sent to Franchise Holder.
  • SMS Reminder Cards are sent for better engagement.

Many more facilities are provided by our SMS Marketing Technicians time to time to our PCD Pharma Clients for increasing their customer base and client involvement.