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Gain Weight in 10 Days

How to gain weight in 10 days

Weight is an important aspect for an individual that defines the health status and aesthetic appearance of an individual. People might consider only overweight as an issue but in fact, a lean body is also a matter of concern, there can be various underlying reasons for lean body mass, but there are methods to increase weight within 10 days. You don’t have to adopt a rigorous lifestyle to gain weight, a scientifically designed plan and adherence to the plan is all you need to gain weight in 10 days.

Here are methods on how to gain weight in 10 days

Increase calorie intake: People should increase the intake of calories. You can add foods that are rich in calorie granola, meats, tofu, avocados, beans, sweet potatoes, whole grains, etc. One can simply add cream to the coffee and increase calories! Replace all your low-calorie food with high-calorie. Your healthcare provider can help you in defining your calorie intake and the additional calories to be consumed for weight gain.

Increase Your Number of meals: Taking additional meals in higher quantities are very helpful in adding to your calorie intake. Eat a little extra in each of your meals. Ideally, people who intend to gain weight in 10 days should eat 3 main meals and 2 or more snacks. Each meal should be followed by high-calorie snacks such as doughnut. It is one of the best ways to increase weight in a short span.

Increase intake of fluids: People often tend to drink fewer fluids and are dehydrated this results in shrinking of muscle mass. Drinking adequate water will help you in increasing muscle mass. It is not just water you can also go for energy drinks and fresh fruit juices. Milk and milkshakes and protein shakes are rich in calorie, these drinks not only provide hydration but also high-calories.

Creatinine Supplements: It is commonly used as gym supplements to increase muscle mass. It is the magic pill to gain weight in 10 days. These supplements also help to improve muscle strength, increase energy for weight lifting and recovery of muscles during exercise. The pills should be taken up to 20g per day in divided doses. These supplements should be taken under medical supervision. Your healthcare provider can be your best guide in defining doses to get the best response.

Adequate Sleep: One should sleep at least 8 hours in a day. Taking adequate rest will help muscles to grow muscle mass. Exercise and sleep work in conjunction with each other to help you gain weight in 10 days. So make sure you have a proper sleep schedule along with exercise routine.

Simple lifestyle adaptations like avoid drinking water before meals as it gives a feeling of fullness and reduces appetite and a regular workout can help in weight gain. When you want to look little plump, just hard work-out as it increases the flow of fluid and induces muscle swelling. The result might not be permanent, but it can give you temporary looks.

In fast-moving life many of us find following a diet pattern to be very difficult. Healthbox has designed its products to cater to this issue where the client can get their weight gain products as per their choice:

  • Healthbox Weight Gainer: The weight gainer comes in 2 variant i.e. chocolate and vanilla flavored and is mostly prescribed to those who do daily workouts. Results can be seen within a month where the consumer can expect a weight gain of 5 Kg in a month.
  • Endare Mass: The product is a general weight gain product and can be consumed by children, women, and men of all ages. The product is one solution for all and consumers can expect a weight gain of 5-10 Kg in a month.
  • Healthbox weight gain capsules: The product is a unique composition of 14 constituents making it a very effective product for appetite improvement.

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