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Best Infertility PCD Companies In India

Best Infertility PCD Companies in India – Fertility plays a vital role in people’s lives, families, and communities. It contributes to personal well-being, social stability, and the overall health of populations. However, Infertility is a common issue affecting millions of couples worldwide about 60–80 million couples suffer from infertility every year. About 15–20 million (25%) of these couples suffer from infertility only in India. To mitigate this issue, several Best Infertility PCD Companies in India contributing precisely and making life easier for these people.

Best Infertility PCD Companies In India

Fertility is closely connected to overall health and well-being, as reproductive health conditions can often be a sign of underlying health issues. Access to infertility treatment and reproductive healthcare services is essential for managing infertility and improving overall health. Seeing the growing population and the poor lifestyle of people you can contribute to reducing the infertility issue by investing in an infertility PCD company. In this blog, we will discuss the Best Infertility PCD Companies in India. 

List Of Top 10 Infertility PCD Companies in India

If you are also looking for the best infertility companies for your business, then here we give you the top 10 infertility PCD companies in India that support you in making the right choice for your company.

#1. Curivo Healthcare 

Curivo Healthcare is a Delhi-based gynae PCD pharma franchise, third-party manufacturing, and one of the biggest pharmaceutical export pharma companies in India. We deal in Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, and Herbal products and offer a range of ortho, neuro, and gynecology segments. We are specific about our manufacturing facilities and the quality of products where we do not compromise with the health and safety of individuals. If you are looking for a genuine and Best Infertility PCD Company in India to partner with, Curivo Healthcare will come forward to help you start and maintain your own PCD pharma company. 

  • Curivo Healthcare is one of the best PCD franchise providers in India, providing top-quality drugs and services to meet changing patient and healthcare needs.
  • The foundation of Curivo Healthcare’s success is our dedication to product innovation and production.
  • We use state-of-the-art facilities and adhere to high-quality standards to ensure that our infertility medications are safe, effective, and dependable.
  • We offer a commitment to customer service and partner support.
  • We provide PAN India Facility and monopoly rights. 
  • By partnering with Curivo Healthcare, you not only get access to the best in infertility products, but you also open up a world of growth and opportunity in the healthcare industry. For more details, you can Contact us 

Contact Details

Name: Curivo Healthcare 

Contact No.: +91-7428146868


Address: Aggarwal Metro Heights Unit No. 357, 3rd Floor Netaji Subhash Palace, Pitampura, New Delhi-110034

#2. Femcorp 

Femcorp is also one of the leading Infertility PCD companies in India that specializes in providing the highest quality of infertility medicines and effective gynecological solutions. They are certified by the World Health Organization and GMP to offer the best fertility products recommended by the leading gynecologists in India. Become a franchise holder of Femcorp’s Infertility Medicine in India by connecting with them. Femcorp offers a comprehensive range of Gynaecological and Infertility products in India. They have the widest network of partners in the country.

Address: Plot No 43 (Basement, Industrial Area Phase 2, Panchkula, Haryana 134112

#3. Syndicate Life Sciences

Syndicate Life Sciences is well-known for its extensive portfolio of gynecological and infertility medications. Also, Syndicate Life Sciences provides a unique opportunity for your PCD franchise. By partnering with them, you will be able to access a wide variety of cutting-edge medicines specifically designed for gynecological treatment and infertility treatment. Furthermore, you will benefit from the robust marketing and promotional efforts, improving your chances of success in the pharmaceutical industry.

Address: SCO-31,1st Floor, P, Sector 13, Hisar, Haryana 125005

#4. Texas Therapeutics 

As one of the leading Gynae Fertility Medicines companies in India, Texas Therapeutics has made a name as one of the best PCD franchise options in India. The company has achieved meteoric growth in a short period and has gained great recognition in the pharmaceutical sector, especially for its wide range of gynae products. the company adheres to the highest quality standards set by ISO (International Organization for Standardization), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), DCGI (World Health Organization), and WHO (Food and Drug Safety Authority). The infertility medicines produced by Texas Therapeutics have gained a great deal of popularity and confidence in the market.

Address: SCF 14, 1st Floor, Sector 20 Near Grain Market, 134117

#5. Fortune Labs

Fortune Labs is one of the most trusted names in the Infertility PCD companies in India. It offers a wide variety of products that are highly effective and safe to use. The company is dedicated to providing ISO, WHO, and GMP-certified products with leak-proof and breakage-resistant packaging. It is also known for its high-quality infertility medications and dedication to reproductive health. Fortune Labs provides a wide variety of fertility products and Propaganda Cum Distribution (PCD) infertility companies in India.

Address:  Plot No.99, Electricity Board Power Colony, Industrial Area Phase 2, Panchkula,     Haryana 134113               

#6.  Swisschem Healthcare

Swisschem Healthcare, one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in India, focuses on providing excellent business opportunities for infertility treatment. With a vast selection of high-quality products designed to treat infertility problems, Swisschem Healthcare strives to reduce infertility issues in a timely and effective manner. Their treatments have been rigorously tested and approved, offering dependable solutions for those who are struggling to conceive. With Swisschem Healthcare’s franchise network, you can start your journey in this industry.

Address: Plot No. 295, Industrial Area Phase 2, Panchkula, Punjab 134109

#7. Maksun Biotech

Maksun Biotech is one of the top pharmaceutical companies that offers high-quality Infertility medicines in India. This company has great facilities and is one of the leading companies that offers franchise options in the field of infertility products. Maksun Biotech’s Infertility products are available at affordable prices because they are made in an excise-free zone. By partnering with this company, you will get excellent economic investment plans. its products are packaged in attractive packaging that includes clear branding and labeling. This makes them easy to find and use. 

Address: Maksun Biotech Private Limited, Plot no 117, Ground Floor, Sector-2 Phase-1, Distt, Ambala Cantt, Haryana 133104

#8. Adorshea

Adorshea, one of the best brands in India, is known for its high-quality infertility medicines. The company offers a wide range of products, such as antibiotics, vitamin pills, painkillers, and hormonal treatment drugs, in various formats, such as tablets, capsules, syringes, and injections. Adorshea Pharma Franchise Company is ISO Certified. They offer exclusive Pharma Franchise Business across the country. With the latest machinery and quality control in place, it ensures the production of quality medicines for the treatment of infertility.

Address:  SCO 338-339, Patiala Rd, near AKM RESORTS, Swastik Vihar, SAS NAGAR,  Zirakpur, Punjab 140603

#9. GNova Biotech

GNova Biotech is one of the top pharma companies in India for the best gynecological and infertility range. With all quality-approved chemical extracts and reliable raw materials, the company manufactures the best Infertility Medicine for PCD franchise in India. All manufacturing and franchise agreements will be based on the needs of associates in the industry. It provides the best quality of GMP-World Health Organization-approved Pharma Infertility medicines. All of their Infertility products are manufactured according to the standards of the DCGI unit.

Address:  Plot No.358, First Floor, Industrial Area Phase 2, Panchkula, Haryana 134113

#10. Gynaika Healthcare 

Gynaika Healthcare focuses on delivering top-notch infertility medicine solutions. They provide a wide array of services, covering obstetrics, neonatology, pediatrics, surgery, robotic surgery, cosmetic procedures, and genetic & fetal medicine, with its state-of-the-art facility and patient-centred approach. They provide strong and attractive packaging of products. 

Address: Iifa House, Near Union Bank of India, Village: Rally, Sector: 12-A, Haryana 134115


Entering the pharma business by investing in the Best Infertility PCD Company in India will be a smarter decision. A huge requirement for gynae products in the market and focusing on women’s healthcare products is going to show a positive trend. Curivo Healthcare provides the pcd pharma franchise in the infertility range with a premium quality manufacturing facility and exclusive distribution rights. 

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