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With immense pleasure, Indo Rama Pharma​ announces the receipt of the “Innovative Manufacturer In Nutrition Supplements” award from CIMS Medica at Nutrition and Wellness Conference and Award-2019. First of all we would like to thank CIMS Medica for recognizing us for the awards. Having being nominated for awards at CIMS Medica is itself an achievement and receiving award from Former Minister of Public Health and Family Welfare, Government of Maharashtra, Hon. Dr. Deepak Sawant is really an honor.

At this occasion, Indo Rama Pharma​ thanks and appreciates the efforts of each of its partners to help reach a renowned position. The hard work, dedication, and close cooperation between the teams have given the fruitful results which are being acknowledged at the National level.

The Company’s efforts along with its partner’s cooperation have led to the establishment of good Nutritional supplement formulas in the market. The success of the formulations can be ascertained by the fact that doctors are regularly recommending their patients for well-being.

Indo Rama Pharma​ appreciate and thank efforts of every partner for an immense contribution towards the growth and development. The collective efforts have made Indo Rama Pharma​ India’s best Nutraceutical manufacturer in India. With continuous support, Indo Rama Pharma​​ take a pledge to be more innovative and provide quality products.

A big round of applause for all of us for a better future!

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