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Indo Rama Pharma – Innovative Manufacturer in Nutrition Supplements

Indo Rama Pharma had taken nascent steps year on year intending to flourish and leave a mark in the Nutraceuticals industry. The journey was quite challenging and attention-grabbing, as it was attracting numerous partners on the way to help build the organization. To get differentiated from the vast market is a challenging job which is possible only when we are innovative and have a dynamic approach. Attending the nutritional gaps in the market and addressing them will allow easy penetration and acceptance. From the very beginning, the company has never compromised on the quality of the products as it would have a direct impact on people’s health. Customer satisfaction has been our utmost priority. The company has been very choosy about the material used to manufacture the products whether it is raw material, packaging, machinery for production and packaging or the final products. We have set-up quality assurance levels to make sure the high-quality product is released in the market and the title Indo Rama Pharma, the best Nutraceuticals manufacturer is always tagged.

Another important aspect is providing affordable medicines in attractive packaging and economic pricing. Indo Rama Pharma take pride in informing that the medicines are quite affordable. We make sure to attend our contract manufacturing needs on a timely basis and make the goods available in the shortest span.

We acknowledge the efforts of our experienced team who comes up with time-to-time with innovative formulas considering the nutritional requirements of the population and the demand. Our exclusive formulas are well-appreciated and welcome by the most experienced healthcare professionals. The team does a complete evaluation of the proposed formula in terms of the human body requirement, the gap in the nutritional market and the best dosage form to make it palatable. Our scientific team works in close coordination with healthcare professionals to define the strength of each ingredient and the dosage. Our scientific approach makes Indo Rama Pharma, the best Nutraceutical supplement manufacturer.

Our manufacturing plant allows us to assure timely production and the quality of the products. The large warehouses act as a good storage unit for raw material, packaging materials, and finished goods. Today we stand out from the crowd as India’s one of the best manufacturers, exporter, and supplier of Nutraceutical manufacturer. The company’s efforts are very well recognized and appreciated which can be ascertained from the fact that Indo Rama Pharma are the recipient of “Innovative Manufacturer in Nutrition Supplements-2019”.

Visit Indo Rama Pharma, the best food supplement manufacturer to get innovative and affordable supplement products as third parties, our team would be happy to serve you with a proposal for expansion or even for general inquiries!

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