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PCD Pharma Franchise in Agartala

Scope of PCD Pharma Franchise in Agartala


The history of PCD companies is way back related to the 19th century when medicines like penicillin and insulin were accepted in the market. This inclination came to Indian medicine market from the Pharma industries of Germany, Italy, and Switzerland. Agartala, the capital city of Tripura is the second-largest city in the Northeast India. There has been an increased in the PCD Pharma franchise in Agartala as there is a lot of scope of development of the Pharma business. The Government is putting equal efforts in improving the quality of life of people; there has been an increase in the number of hospitals and clinics to provide the best health services. According to a report in IBEF, the number of primary health centers, community health centers, district hospitals, and sub-divisional hospitals has been increased to improve health and prevent diseases. It is one of the most targeted regions under the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM). In such a scenario, it is equally important to provide high-quality medicines to its residents. Curivo Healthcare invites the local Pharmaceutical Marketers to come forward and buy franchise products which are manufactured and packed under strict WHO-GMP compliance.

Why Curivo Healthcare as PCD Franchise

The people are increasingly seeking medical help to combat diseases and lead a healthy life and Agartala is offering a platform for all the PCD companies but selecting the right one is a challenging task. We stand out from the crowd with innovative products and the concepts of marketing. The quality products and the range offered makes us your ideal PCD franchise in Agartala.

If you intend to start a successful PCD Pharma franchise in Agartala with a reputed organization then Curivo healthcare is right choice. The healthcare professionals can be assured of quality with the GMP certifications, QA documents, scientific literature, and the samples. This information will be sufficient enough to analyze the quality and efforts of the team (management and distributing partner). Mutual efforts of both Curivo Healthcare and distributor will allow you to penetrate the market easily.

Here are the reasons why Curivo Healthcare is the best Pharma company to tie-up for a long-lasting revenue-generating partnership

  • Wide product range and dosage forms
  • Commitment to deliver the goods on time
  • Scientific team to handle queries
  • Unique selling points to segregate from “me-too” products
  • Affordable pricing
  • Low investment amount
  • 100% customer support
  • Marketing and promotional material support


Curivo healthcare is one of the best Pharma Franchise companies in India as it never compromises in the quality and always aims to get the best for the people. An experienced backup team at the headquarters will always be there for your support for logistics, scientific queries, and marketing support. Starting a franchise in Agartala has become quite easy with small investment which can give you decent earnings without much waiting period. An ideal partner should have 3 years of experience and a valid license to store and distribute the products in the region. The scope of PCD Pharma franchise in Agartala and Curivo Healthcare product range can have great impact in improving quality of life.

Looking forward to potential partners to start a committed PCD franchise in Agartala!

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