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India holds a prominent place in the international pharmaceutical market. It is the largest provider of generic medicines worldwide. The Indian pharmaceutical market in 2017 was USD 33 billion. According to a report, medicine spending in India is expected to increase approx. 10% in the coming years. In such a scenario there is a wide scope of Pharma Franchise Company in India. As there is increased demand, providing affordable high-quality medicines becomes an important task for the franchise provider. At Curivo Healthcare, one can find high-quality pharmaceutical products that are approved and tested by Healthcare professionals.

Curivo offers allopathic medicines, herbal medicines, and gym supplement products in different dosage forms such as softgel capsules, tablets, hardgel capsules, syrups, powders and injectables. The company pipeline covers all the major healthcare segments Gynecology, Dermatology, Neurology, Cardiology, Oncology, etc. The products are manufactured in WHO-GMP certified facilities which ensures the quality of products. Curivo healthcare also shares product flyers, brochures, literature, LBLs, and other promotional items providing details about the product and its efficiency. A convinced wholesaler and distributor will promote the product with confidence.

Curivo Healthcare has developed strong partnerships with several local distributors across India. Pharma Franchise has increased considering owing to increased awareness among people about the medicines through marketing inputs provided by the PCD Pharma Franchise Company. The quality products, timely delivery, and support from the team have developed strong trust in the company and the products. Besides, the wide range of products offered by Curivo Healthcare, makes the partners select it as an ideal choice. The products are packaged elegantly to handle any transportation issues; besides, the primary packaging is attractive in a neat readable format. Competitive pricing, samples, gifts, and advertisement support makes easier for the wholesaler and retailer to promote the product and reach the most efficient professionals of the field. We are committed to customer satisfaction and fulfill the demands in the shortest possible time. Curivo Healthcare is one of the best PCD (Propaganda cum Distribution) Pharma Franchise Company.

The inputs and recommendations of the local partners are highly appreciated and put in action whenever it is feasible. The vast marketing experience of our team helps our franchise products stand out from the crowd and display their unique features. We welcome on board business partners, pharmaceutical marketing service executives, and pharmaceutical distributors to together climb the success ladder. Young and talented entrepreneurs can join us immediately without making high investments. An experienced person of the field can fully make use of the USPs to promote the product with Curivo’s support, supply the products in attractive and affordable pricing and be the market leader in no time. The Pharma franchise companies business is in full bloom and if you are the one who has the zest to explore the market and to establish themselves, then Curivo Healthcare is the right platform for you.

We welcome more pharmaceutical professionals to come and join our network and serve mankind with affordable quality medicines!

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