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PCD Pharma Franchise in Arunachal Pradesh

PCD Pharma Franchise in Arunachal Pradesh

Northeastern states of India have occupied less space in terms of modern medicines and infrastructure. This scarcely populated city has lesser pharmaceutical distributors. The small states do not have branded products as can be seen in other parts of India. Increasing awareness among people about health and the establishment of medical colleges and hospitals has paved the way for enthusiastic market penetrators to introduce their innovative products.

Arunachal Pradesh is most visited by the neighboring states to get medical attention. Pharmaceutical companies are looking for potential distributors to market their products in the region. PCD pharma franchise has been gaining increasing importance in India these days. The PCD pharma franchisers are coming forward to meet the medical needs of the region. The propaganda cum distribution business is an attractive package for young pharma entrepreneurs. It requires low investments and good returns in a short period.

Curivo healthcare provides marketing support to its PCD pharma franchisers with modern methods such as SMS marketing; email marketing, WhatsApp marketing, and PTR & PTS calculators. The franchisers are required to meet the defined targets to be eligible for maximum benefits. The modern marketing tools on phones are easy to convey the message in a short span. A single shot can give a message to numerous users.

Why chose Curivo Healthcare as PCD Pharma Franchise in Arunachal Pradesh

You have several reasons to select Curivo healthcare as your reliable partnerWide range of medicinal products in different types of formulations

  • Products are manufactured from WHO-GMP certified plants
  • On-time delivery of products upon order, best logistics partner
  • Provide complete information about the products (unique selling points, flyers, brochures, scientific literature, etc.)
  • Introduction of new products in the market depending upon the competitive analysis
  • A well-trained staff for the efficient management of the queries of the customers

We are open to new partnerships to spread the pharma industry. Curivo Healthcare will provide its partners with all the support to establish in the market in terms of training, educational material, and promotional items. The advertising material is self-explanatory with attractive features and all the product features are explained most easily. The backup team at headquarters is highly experienced and can foresee all the queries that can come up during the process of establishment. The marketing team is well-equipped with all the tips and tricks to train its local partners to attract more and more healthcare professionals.

Curivo Healthcare will be in constant touch with its marketing partners for smooth operations in terms of logistics, marketing material, customer queries, suggestions, etc. Good network with doctors and efficient marketing is all you need to get hold of the market. An experienced local marketing team will be well-versed with the local medicine requirements, the expected market share, proposed price, and the promotional items to market the product. A potential franchiser can come forward for a fruitful collaboration with Curivo Healthcare

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