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Top 10 Ways to Market PCD Pharma Franchise Product

Top 10 ways to market PCD Pharma Franchise Product

A PCD pharma franchise product is already in the market in some other region. You have facts and figures from the existing marketing data to let you approach healthcare professionals with confidence and highlight the positive aspects. The penetration of the products in the new region requires comparatively fewer efforts, of course, it is challenging but it is not too difficult. Here are the top 10 ways to market PCD Pharma Franchise Product

1. Understand the Targeted Audience:Proper information about your target population and their expectations are important tools for market penetration.

2. Analyzing the expected market share: Competitive analysis of the products, its expected market share and the price of the competitors should be collected before entering the market.  There will be several players in the market and creating own market share for revenue generation is important. The expected market share will define the profitability and the supply of products.

3. Net Rates-A game-changing parameter:Affordability by the consumer and profitability of the franchiser, these two parameters are quite important to run the product in the market. A competitive price will help you build a strong customer base.

4. Product Packaging:Packaging is not just aboutgood colors and fonts; it is also about the quality of the material used and the locking system of the package. An elegantly packed product talks a lot about the company and the quality of the product being supplied.

5. Gift Items and Promotional Products: Gift items with product names written are a good reminder to the doctors. Gift items should be such that it gets constant attention from the doctor or the item is used by the doctor.

6. Constant innovation in the product range: You can find several “me too” products in the market, to get a good market share there should be innovation in the formula or the dosage form. The addition of new innovative product range is always welcomed by the healthcare professionals.

7. Addressing client issues: The client feedback is quite important to retain and maintain a good flow of products. Client issues should be acknowledged and dealt with promptness. The issues mostly will be based on the end product use and to build trust in people, addressing client issues becomes a priority task as part of the marketing strategy.

8. Participating in Pharma Events: It is a major platform for the pharma community to come forward and display their products. It improves the interaction between the pharma professional- doctors and pharma distributors.

9. Advertisement in print media or online: A creative ad will speak more than words. The ad should be crisp and at the same time include all the information as per the user’s interest. The ad should be able to differentiate from others, hence working on the creative and innovative idea is quite important.

10. Social Media Marketing, Website: In modern days spread of word is faster through social media. Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc. have become an important means of communication. A regular post about new products being introduced, its unique selling points, scientific studies, and testimonials on social media helps in easy product promotion.

A proper marketing strategy will help you to be a strong player in the market and controls your marketing budget.



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