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Protein Powders During Pregnancy

Why women should take protein powders during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase in a women’s life. The body will be changing both physically and emotionally. There will be an increased body demand for nutrients and adequate rest. A woman needs lots of energy to give life to a healthy newborn. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and cereals become an integral part of the diet but still, due to certain reasons, the nutritional requirements will be still unmet. The % daily value of nutrients in pregnant women will be higher than the non-pregnant women. Below are the details of why women should take protein powders during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a stage where a complete mini body is formed inside, every organ has to develop and grow. Deficiency of even a single nutrient can result in fetal anomalies and fetal defects that are irreparable. Hence it is important for the mother to ensure she is taking the prescription as advised without any disruptions. For healthy and normal growth, adequate nutrients become a necessity. The protein requirement increases considerably during pregnancy. You have both plant-based proteins and animal-based protein sources. A woman can include eggs, meat, fish, cheese, nuts, cereals and milk to get the required proteins. You also have the option to add protein powders that help you in getting the required proteins along with the vital nutrients. Most gynecologists advise their patients to include protein powders during pregnancy. These protein powders are formulated considering the recommended daily allowance of each of the nutrients for a pregnant lady. They are formulated considering all the nutrients required both micro and macro vitamins and minerals. The amount of each of the ingredients is also critical as the optimum amounts are required for a healthy baby.

The healthy protein powders:

People often misjudge the nutritional requirements and questions about why women should take protein powders during pregnancy. Each trimester in pregnancy has its own energy requirements. The initial days will be about the development and differentiation of the fetal organs and the later phase will be about the growth that adds to the weight. The protein powders can provide the required nutrients along with proteins that help in gaining weight and normal development. They are also helpful in reducing pregnancy-induced nausea and vomiting. Proteins powders come with artificial flavoring, coloring agents, and sugars that might harm the fetus, hence your careful selection of protein powders is important. During pregnancy, it is important to keep blood sugar in control as it complicates the pregnancy and protein powders come with added sugars. Read the label instructions about sugar contents and allergy information and discuss it with your gynecologist.

Of course, protein powders are very helpful in meeting the nutritional demands, but it should not be considered as the replacement to food. Protein powders are meant to meet additional requirements and not to stop regular healthy food habits.

Consult your doctor before selecting any protein powder, as many powders available in the market may not have the required nutrients in the required quantities or have ingredients that do not have any proven efficacy. Pregnancy requires proper attention and avoid intake of harmful chemicals.

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