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General Health, Others
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  • Composition:-  Voglibose Tablets I.P 0.2 mg
  • MRP:- 72/-Per Strip
  • :Packaging Size:- 10X10 Alu Alu
  • Shelf Life:- 24 Months


Usage :
1) It inhibits the intestinal enzymes responsible for breaking complex sugars into simple sugars such as glucose.
2) Voglibose is used to reduce high post meal glucose level in diabetes mellitus in patients who have been using other diabetic medications..
3) Its his prevents blood glucose levels from rising very high immediately after meals.

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  • Pack Size : 10X10
  • Composition : Voglibose Tablets I.P 0.2 mg
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Voglibose Tablets I.P 0.2 mg

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